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Professional approach to high and difficult chimney repair and removal

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Professional Approach - Safety Equipment - Property Protection - Trained Workmen

Chimney Repair Chimneys are exposed to the harsh weather outside and hot combustion exhausts inside the flues. These extreme temperature differences cause masonry, clay flues and brick to crack and the chimney quickly deteriorates.

When the flue liner breaks down, chimneys become unsafe and could become blocked with deteriorating brick and broken flue pieces, causing toxic carbon monoxide to back draft into your home.

When the facing of the brick becomes cracked or begins to spall - break apart, rain penetrates deep into the brick. In the winter months moisture freezes and expands causing the brick to rapidly break apart. This allows even more water to penetrate and rapid deterioration follows.

We do excellent brick repairs and chimney rebuilds and chimney removal when needed.

Chimney Liners

Chimney Liner in Cambridge Ontario
Modern Natural gas furnaces run much more efficiently than in the past and lose less heat up the chimney. Since they run cooler than in the past, the exhaust gases rise slower in the bigger flue size and thus form more acidic condensation while trying to vent up the cold or frozen flues. This condensation runs back down the flue and since heat always seeks cold, it seeps between the flues and works its way toward the cold outside brickwork where it freezes.

We can install stainless steel or aluminium liners matched to the appliances' vent specifications to optimize their efficiency and help save the brickwork from the acidic condensation.

Chimney Maintenance

Chimney maintenance will also help prevent the risk of gas poisoning, chimney fires, and water leaks.

Our inspector has 36 years of experience building, repairing and removing dangerous chimneys. He will inspect and make recommendations to repair or remove dangerous chimneys.

We can safely tear down and rebuild or repair your chimney, while we ensure the roof and grounds are protected and match the brick and mortar.

Chimney Removal

Reasons to Remove Unused Chimneys

Unused chimneys in poor condition should be removed before water damage occurs inside your home. Falling bricks and masonry can cause extensive damage to your roof, eaves troughs and your vehicles parked underneath.

Unused chimneys are welcome homes to wildlife; squirrels raccoons, birds and bats. They find their way inside your attic, chew on wood and wiring. They leave feces behind, often getting trapped inside and die. Horrible odours and maggots occur as they decompose.

We can safely remove the chimney and repair the roof before this damage occurs.

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Dear Mike,

When you came to look at the chimney on my house on Friday, you said it was in need of urgent repair. Monday morning you and your team were here putting up the scaffolding, and despite it being cold in late November, everything was finished and cleaned up by Wednesday afternoon.

The chimney looks beautiful.

I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am to have found someone who does what he says he is going to do, when he says he is going to do it. And who does
it beautifully.

I look forward to working on more projects with you
in the future.

Sincerely, L.A.

Mike and his crews have done many projects and repairs on our home for the past 15 years.

They did our roof, repaired our chimney and sidewalk as well as other exterior and interior renovations. We found him to be reliable and gave us honest advice on our renovations.

We recommend Reilly's Reliable Restoration as we know reliable, honest contractors are hard to find.

J. C.

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