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We can help whether you need minor repairs or a new roof.

You can expect our crew to be knowledgeable, prompt and provide professional, quality workmanship.

At Reilly's Reliable Restoration, we maintain our reputation for quality workmanship starting with providing our FREE Total Roof Inspections. Our roofing expert will provide an honest appraisal of your entire roof's condition - not just the shingles. Roofing, Flashing, Cambridge Ontario

This inspection includes:

  • the roof deck below the shingles,

  • assessing venting requirements,

  • possible trouble spots like chimney flashings, skylights, valleys, and flashings at roof dormers.

We will explain what we find, what caused the problems and how we can remedy them.

We will show you samples of the different colours and styles of shingles and explain their warranties.

We also do excellent low slope roofing using the latest products and techniques.

Get started today by requesting your FREE expert inspection and appraisal, or call our estimate HOTLINE: 519 624-8400Roofing, Flashing, Cambridge Ontario

Warning Signs:

Cracked or Broken Shingles:
Look for fine cracks in the shingle surface, broken off, torn or missing shingles. These are all problem areas that allow water leaks that can be costly to repair.

If the tabs show severe curling, the shingles may blow off and water damage ensues. This is evident in older roofs where moisture in the attic affects the underside of the roof.

Roof deck movement can cause a visible distortion along the horizontal line of the shingles. The overlying tabs are raised over the buckles and become vunerable to blow off.
It can be caused by poor ventilation.

Part of the natural aging process of the shingle. Clawing occurs when the asphalt dries out. The tabs slowly curl under causing buldges that can result in damage from the wind, ice and water penetration.


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Dear Mike:

On behalf of the Cambridge Family Early Years Centre we would like to thank you for all your hard work in renovating our new premises. It was a pleasure to work with you and your crew. Your fine workmanship has provided us with a place we are very proud of, as we start out in our new role in the community.

Thank you Mike!

Donna K.
Executive Director
Brenda D.
Childcare Supervisor

Ontario Early Years - Cambridge Family Early Years Centre

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